Each month your tour operator put you on the schedule available with different festivities, events taking place in the kingdom of Siam. This can help if some of them coincided with your travel dates...

Elephhant festival in Surin (Round Up Festival)

During the third weekend of November, Surin, the northeastern city of Thailand takes place in Surin Elephant Festival (Round Up Festival). For this occasion the city hosts more than 300 elephants for an annual gathering. These strides land by Khmer civilization centuries become time for a weekend theater shows of force and unexpected agility in these gigantic animals that one might almost clumsy. Before the day of the show you go to admire the elephants who enjoy taking advantage of a huge buffet of fruit.

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Loy Krathong

I waited for a while to finally publish this article on this beautiful festival, one of my favorite Thailand. Loy Khratong festival of lights is celebrated annually throughout Thailand. Loy Krathong is held during the full moon of the 12th month of the traditional Thai lunar calendar or during November according to the Western calendar. There are the beginnings of this tradition in Sukhothai but today it is celebrated throughout Thailand. The most famous places and during Loy Krathong are inevitable festivities in Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya. It is in the northern kingdom in Chiang Mai particular that Loi Krathong is an opportunity to let go of a spectacular lanterns carried by cylindrical hot air balloons (sky lanterns). Hence the name festival of lights.

Loy Krathong is a fun and joyful celebrations of Thai tradition.

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Loy Krathong Chak Phra Festival in southern Thailand

Chak Phra Festival - A century of tradition that celebrates the return of the Buddha's land sky. This tradition stems from the belief that the Buddha ascended to heaven during Phansa to preach to his mother. The festival marks the return of the Buddha on Earth, and is an occasion of merit and general celebrations. Celebration held annually after three months of rain during October. It is celebrated in many parts of southern Thailand, but mostly in Surat Thani. Many "tanks" beautifully decorated through the city. This parade is also represented on the water with boats carrying Thai colorful designs bearing the image of Buddha. Chak Phra festival ends with a boat race and traditional games.

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Naga Fireball Festival

If you are part of our travelers during the month of October, and that your journey through northern Thailand may be that you would have the chance to attend the Naga Fireball Festival - Fireballs on the Mekong.

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