If you are part of our travelers during the month of October, and that your journey through northern Thailand may be that you would have the chance to attend the Naga Fireball Festival - Fireballs on the Mekong

A rare event that takes place on the Mekong River. Fireballs (Naga fireball - Fai Phaya Nak Boong) spring from the river to rise into the sky before disappearing. You can observe this event during the period:

Full moon of the 11th lunar month (October)
Lundi 26 Octobre au mardi 27 Octobre 2015.

Traditionally held in the province of Nong Khai (northern Thailand), particularly in the area of ​​Phon Phisai (east of Muang Nong Khai) and along the border with Laos in the villages of Pakngum, Nonxai and Nongkhiet. The number and intensity of fireballs increases around the full moon of the 11th lunar month, marking the end of the rainy season and the rains retreat. This two-day festival is adorned by race boat (long tail boats) as well as the sound and light show, and of course, lots of unexplained fireballs.

Buddha and the snake Naga

Traditionally, fireballs are supposed to come from the Naga, a mythical snake that lives in water. According to legend, the Naga was so surprised by the Buddha's teaching, he took human form and became a monk. However, the teaching of the Buddha states that only man can become monks. One night, while sleeping Naga temple, he returned to his snake form, its true form has alerted the monks. It took great compassion of the Buddha who gave him the five precepts, to allow it to be reborn as a human being and become a monk. To comfort him, because he lost his form of the Naga serpent definitely the Buddha promised him that all candidates monkhood take the name of Naga in honor of this noble creature. Even today, all candidates for the Sangha are called Naga. In addition, each candidate must answer the question "Are you a man? "Before being ordained as a monk.

Scientific Explanation fireballs on the Mekong

If according to legend, the fireballs come from the mythical Naga serpent that lives in water, scientists believe they are born of flammable gas, phosphine escaping the Mekong. Regardless local prefer to believe that this is the Naga serpent rises from the bottom of the river every commemoration of Wan Awk Pansa and sends balls of light to pay homage to Buddha. Whether you are a fan of either version you will attend an unforgettable sight.

Naga fireballs the Lao side of the river

Laos side there are three villages where people gather to see these fireballs, Pakngum, Nonxai and Nongkhiet. Lao officials encourage people to develop offerings such as during Krathong, to celebrate the end of the rainy season. Community and religious leaders urged young people to realize a boat with bamboo and banana trees. The machine is then decorated with candles, flowers and flaming torches, and introduces the Mekong during the last night of Buddhist Lent and the Naga will rest for another year.

Sala Kaew Koo in Nong Khai

If you are already in the province of Nong Khai, do not forget to visit the interesting and equally strange Sala Kaew Koo Park.