1 – PRICES :

All care and attention is paid to the accuracy of content in our web site and all pricing, services, and tour details are updated as soon as possible. However, while all care is taken, all rates and advertised services may be subject to change at short notice. Our hotels contracts usually run from 1st November to 31st October the following year, but all mention that rates can be changed at any moment, without prior notice. It is also sometimes very difficult with some hotels to get the new contract rates in advance. We recommend that you contact us for any information request and/or booking request in order to check details and inform you of any current or expected changes to prices, itineraries, accommodation facilities, and/or services advertised.

Prices are given by person (or "Pax"), unless otherwise stipulated. Our prices are calculated in good faith, according to rates and exchange rates known or in force at the moment of the registration. Prices become definitive only when our invoice is issued.

Still, our tours being private, our prices are calculated exactly according to the number of participants. Should their number be reduced, the tour would have to be recalculated according to the new number of persons and a new price per person established, even if our invoice has already been issued.

Booking fee: 500 to 1 000 Baht (depending on the importance of the booking).


Registration is made to D. J. Paradise Tour and by payment of a deposit of 30% of the invoice + the total amount of the flights, non refundables. By his registration, the client agrees to these actual general conditions, with which he confirms to have made himself acquainted.


Once reservations have been confirmed, we send our invoice by email attachment (Word file) or by fax. Please note that no payment should be done before we have confirmed your reservation and sent our invoice.

We ask a deposit of 30% of the total amount and the total amount of the flights, not refundables, on reception of the invoice, the rest, one month before arrival.

In case of late payment of the final total amount of the invoice, D.J. Paradise Tour can terminate the contract with the obligation for the client to pay and indemnity equal to the deposit, eventually increased by all amounts that D.J. Paradise Tour would not be able to be refunded by its purveyors.

Payment modalities :
Please do not make any payment until your reservations have been confirmed and you have received our invoice. In case of any payment made before reception of our invoice that would need to be refunded, costs would be at your charge.

by SWIFT TELEX transfer on our bank account in Thailand (We recommend you make the transfer in your local currency)


  • For packages and tours in Thailand, the documents (hotel vouchers, train & plane tickets) will be in possession of the guide who will welcome you at the airport or at your hotel.
  • For packages without a local guide or outside Thailand which include plane or train tickets, documents will be delivered to your hotel in Bangkok.
  • For packages, tours, hotel reservations without a local guide or outside Thailand, which do not include plane or train tickets, all vouchers will be sent to you after final payment by email attachment or fax.
Travelers are requested to comply to laws and rules in force at the moment of traveling, concerning passports (valid at least 6 months after your date of entry in Thailand), visas or other requested documents. He is sole liable for the respect of these rules and will support any occasional costs in case of last minute changes or cancellation.


Unless otherwise specified in the program, each traveler has right to take luggage for a weight not exceeding 20kg. Each traveler is responsible for his own luggage and D.J. Paradise Tour cannot in any case be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage caused to these luggage.


The client must inform in writing D.J. Paradise Tour of his intention to cancel the trip. Cancellation costs must be paid, even if this cancellation is due to circumstances outside his control.

Cancellation costs concerning the tours:
a) From registration until 30 days before arrival: 30% + total amount of the flights (deposit paid);
b) From 29 days until 15 Days before arrival: 65% with a minimum of 20 000 per person;
c) Within 14 Deays before arrival, or in case of "no show": 100% per person

Ces conditions d’annulation peuvent eventuellement varier en ce qui concerne les conditions d’annulation de certains hotels surtout en periode de saisons haute et de pointe.

Cancellation of some of the members of a group:
Our tours being private, they are calculated to the exact price according to the number of participants. In case some of these participants would cancel, they will have to pay the cancellation costs according to the rules mentioned, and the tour will be recalculated for the other participants according to their final number (see article 1: Prices)

Note: The client can subscribe in his country to a cancellation insurance, covering costs in case of cancellation due to circumstances outside his control (for example: sickness, accident, death).


Any claim or refund request for non rending of services should be sent by registered letter to D.J. Paradise Tour within 30 days of the end of the trip together with all relevant papers.


D.J. Paradise Tour is licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), as are all local companies, hotels and guides we work with.

D. J. Paradise Tour cannot be held responsible for events due to circumstances outside one's control, such as accidents, strikes, wars, bad atmospheric conditions, etc.

D. J. Paradise Tour reserves the right to let execute part of totality of the services by any firms to which she would judge to substitute herself, without referring to the client who gives full power to D. J. Paradise Tour, to act in his name.


If one of the clients, by his attitude or fault, makes the good realization of the tour contract difficult, or even impossible, he can be excluded from the rest of the tour. All costs will be to his charge and he will not have any right to refund.

D.J. Paradise Tour does not organize sex tours and does not imply itself in the clients' private lives, nor is responsible for their actions and consequences of these actions.

D.J. Paradise Tour does not accept any liability whatsoever related to any loss, financial or otherwise, or inconvenience resulting from the use of information contained in our web site and/or subsequently reproduced elsewhere.


Bangkok's Courts of Justice are sole competent for any contestation or suit.


Some information and photographs included on our web site are COPYRIGHT to our company, D.J. Paradise Tour. It is an infringement of copyright to reproduce any such material, in whole or in part, without the specific permission of the copyright holders.

D.J. Paradise Tour, who holds explicit or implied copyright in material displayed in this web site DO NOT give permission for such material to be reproduced elsewhere in any other form. However, should any reasonable request for reproductive use be made to our company management, every effort will be made to arrange for specific-use reproductive rights where suitable attribution recognition is provided and the intended use will assist in promoting our company.

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