"Krungtep, the City of Angels"

After Sukothai, Ayutthaya, and for a short time Thon Buri, Bangkok became the Capital of Thailand in 1872, under the reign of king Rama I. Bangkok, the name of the capital of Thailand known to foreigners, is made of two Thai words: "bang", signifying a village on the river, and "kok", a hog plum; therefore it means the "village of hog plum". Usually, the Thai people refer to their metropolis in its abbreviated form as Krungtep, meaning the city of gods or angels, just like Los Angeles.

No other city in Southeastern Asia compares with Bangkok in the gripping and growing interest which leaves a permanent and fragrant impression on the mind of the visitor. It is difficult to set down in words precisely whence comes the elusive fascination of Bangkok. With a wealth of imposing temples, beautiful palaces, other characteristic buildings and monuments, Bangkok offers a vista of fascinating views.

Tourists, arriving in Bangkok on their first trip to Thailand, may feel the "cultural shock" and because of its pollution and heavy traffic (the new air-metro is a good way to go around quickly and easily) want to rush to more relaxed parts of the country, it is worth staying a few days to discover the treasures of the city: the Grand Palace, with several palaces build by the kings of the Rama Dynasty and the Wat Phra Kaew, temple of the Emerald Buddha, protector of the city - The Wat Po, temple of the Lying Buddha - The Wat Arun, temple of Dawn - the "klongs" or canals, where you can admire beautiful traditional houses - Jim Thompson's house, the American who reintroduced silk industry in Thailand and built his beautiful house on the klongs out of three old teak houses in traditional Thai style, with a lot of rare antiques of the country. He mysteriously disappeared in Malaysia about 30 years ago - Vimanmek Palace, built by Rama V, the largest building made of white teak in the World.

Day tours will take you around Bangkok to Damnoen saduak, the colorful floating market, to Kantchanaburi where you will pay an emotional visit to the River Kwai bridge, its JEATH museum and its cemetery or to Ayutthaya, the second Capital of Siam. For animal lovers, the Crocodile farm will give you the opportunity to see thousands of these animals, a very impressive show and take your picture with a tiger or a croc.

Bangkok is also a modern city which offers a lot of good restaurants and many shopping opportunities, luxury shopping malls, but also the typical Thai mall, Mabukon, and the night market of Patpong in Silom.

Do not throw anything on the ground, even a cigarette butt ... you might get a 2 000 Baht fine. This regulation has made the streets of Bangkok much cleaner.