The famous Thai smile gave this nickname to the country : The Land of Smile. This smile is caracteristic of the happy and welcoming nature of the inhabitants. One of their main caracters is the "Sanuk", what we call in English the happiness of life.

Thais have a natural cheerfulness and a state of mind that influence on everything they do. Even in professional relationships, we keep a certain lightness. Among colleagues, we like to tease and a friendly ambience is then settled. After all, why not keep smiling all day? In Thailand, life is nice. Culture tends to sociability with a traditional family system based on the spirit of community. The society pays very special attention to good manners and how to communicate with others. Precisely because they have the respect of the community, the Thais are proving particularly adept at interacting with others. Unlike Europeans, Thais do not like dinner or travel alone.

The Thai people are renowned for their foolproof friendliness and politeness. Inside themselves, they have to keep calm and smile no matter the situation allows them to keep their dignity, which is extremely important to them. The smile sometimes hides a negative emotion or nervousness. Thais avoid conflict, strife and confrontation to the point that they rarely say 'no.' Even if they do not agree, they will accept the situation and take it upon themselves to move forward.

One of the key elements of Thai culture is respect for religion, the monarchy, the ancestors and family and this, regardless of their social class. Whether one is a humble servant or a wealthy aristocrat, Thai wants always to be polite, pleasant and graceful.

Thai culture venerates the head. It is the most sacred part of the body. In Thailand, you should never touch the head of someone else. This would be really inappropriate and rude.

It is also frowned upon his header over someone of a higher hierarchical class as his boss for example. The Thais often bow to show respect to their interlocutor.

Instead, the foot is the less honored part of the body. To point or touch someone with his foot is really something rude. Another way to show respect to Thailand is to take care of his physical appearance and his clothing style. Thais quiver of anxiety about going out in public poorly dressed. They would lose dignity. Because of the heat of the tropics, Thais regularly take showers and use talk 2-3 times a day. When to meet ancestors or official persons, they always dress modestly to pay respect. Thais like to wear tailored suits to go out because it amplifies their "Sanuk". It also refers to their love for the visual arts, creativity and sociability. To follow fashion in Thailand is also very important.

With all these customs, the service industry is particularly good in Thailand with an inimitable generosity. Visitors will quickly fall in love with Thailand and its people.