The first inhabitants of Koh Samui settled about 1 500 years ago. They were first fishermen looking for shelter against the winds in the quiet and protected waters of Bophut bay, in the North of the island. They quickly realized that the waters around the island offered plenty of ink-fishes and all other kinds of sea-food. Also the ground was very fertile. Quickly small villages developed and that is how the population of Samui started to grow

Koh Samui, 280 Km2, is the largest island of the Gulf of Siam. It is part of an archipelago of 80 smaller islands of which 6 only are inhabited. It is almost literally an island of coconuts and forested hills, on chalk mountains, culminating at 636 meters. Its beautiful beaches, its jungle, its hills and waterfall create a very changing landscape, rarely found in other islands.

The economy of the island depended mainly, besides fishing, on the culture of coconuts, which are plucked by trained monkeys. Samui export more than 2 millions of coconuts per month.

The story of Samui started to change in the beginning of the 80's, when it was discovered by backpacker-travelers. These brought the creation of small simple bungalow resorts with palm leaves roofs, but the secret could not be kept for long and now the island is fast becoming a resort of international stature. Yet, in spite of the development of tourism, its inhabitants are well determined to preserve its natural charm and exceptional attraction. Samui's best beaches line the northern and eastern coasts, the most popular being Chaweng and Lamai where, generally, the most attractive accommodation is found.

Besides beaches, other island attractions include the Hin Lat and Na Muang waterfalls, the phallic rock formations "Hin Ta and Hin Yai" at the southern end of Lamai Bay, the massive seated "Big Buddha" image of Bophut.

Samui has a tropical climate, with an average temperature between 25°C and 34°C. The most important raining period is in November.
Population: 40 000 inhabitants.


Safari Tour (half day: morning or afternoon)

Program : elephant trek and elephant show, ox cart riding, jungle trek & water fall, monkey train to pick coconuts, tour and transfer hotel with landrover, lunch or diner

Island tour, lunch (half day)

Program : round trip of the island (60 km) with sight seeing - Big Buddha, Namuang Waterfall, Hin ta & Hin Yai, temple of the momified monk, etc...

Boat trip to Marine park, snorkeling, lunch

Mu Koh Angthong National Park includes some 40 islands northwest of Koh Samui and covers some 250 square kilometers. Major park islands largely towering, verdant rock masses encircled by clear seas, include Mae Koh which has a beautiful beach and an emerald saltwater lake called Thale Nai; Wua Talap, site of park headquarters where accommodation is available for visitors wishing to prolong their stays; Sam Sai with an exciting coral reef and huge rock arch, and Phai-Luak. It is there that takes place the action of the novel "The beach", although the movie was filmed in Koh Phi Phi, near Phuket.

Boat trip to Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuan

Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan, 2 small rocky islands are located at the direction northwest of Koh Samui. Unspoiled and undisturbed lately by tourists, the islands earn their reputation for underwater resources, unique beautiful bays and coves and coral garden under the crystal sea which give the good promising outlook for sea sport activities.

- snorkeling, lunch
- scuba diving (2 dives), lunch, with divemaster, equipment included.
- Discovery scuba diving (2 dives), lunch

A great experience for those who never dived and would like to try. With instructor, equipment included.