Land of myths, home of the exotic fantasy of the traveler, Penang was long one of the preferred ports of English on the road of Asia, routing their ships laden with tea and opium. Today, Penang has succumbed to tourism, collapsing under the hotel complexes. Despite its industrial character, it preserves a unique charm, especially the historical heritage of the capital, Georgetown, real multicultural mosaic. Its decor is mainly made of old houses skated by time and elegant mansions with arches decorated with columns and verandas of colonial memory.

Penang hill

A 6 km from the center of George Town, entire hills whose base is located in Air Itam and accessible by the Penang Hill Railay. The highest point is 833 m above the sea level. This place offers you a magnificent view of Penang. Rich in biodiversity, the place offers some interesting walks.

Penang Botanic garden

Park botanical gardens located in George Town, near a waterfall, and whose main objectives are conservation, the provision of a public recreational environment for education and public awareness in assessing nature and gardening. The gardens collaborate with other gardens in the botanical and ecological research within national and international programs. In the hills covered with lush vegetation, the park aims to provide visitors with programs that focus on the historical and cultic heritage gardens, plant collections, the rich natural landscape and animal and plant species, but also issues guidance to professionals. Green lung of Penang, the gardens are also a popular leisure or we practice walking, jogging but also jungle trekking.

Penang National Park

Located at the western tip of Penang, this protected area comprising five types of habitats harbors 417 plant species and 143 animal species, exceptional blend of biodiversity in Malaysia. The national park was created to observe, protect and preserve the flora and fauna as well as archaeological objects. It includes hills, plains, mangrove forest areas, a lake and beaches by the sea.

Kek Lok Si

Temple of supreme happiness, it would be the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. Located in the hills of Air Itam, be extremely popular retreat for monks and Taoists in search of immortality, the pagoda has seven floors and is decorated with statues 10000 alabaster and bronze with the image of Buddha . Chinese-style architecture mixed with a central part of Thai style and wearing a Burmese crown, symbolizing the harmony between Buddhisms mahayanna and Theravada. A staircase leads to the top of the pagoda where the view is exceptional.

Snake Temple

Located Sungai Kluang on the way to Bayan Lepas Airport, the temple honors a resident who had healing powers. The Buddhist monk had given shelter to snakes, the finished temple. The temple is famous for a number of poisonous snakes inside. The vast prayer hall inside the temple is filled with smoke "sacred" sensible incense render them harmless snakes.

Time Square

Penang Time Square is 170 retail outlets on four floors.