Taman Negara National Park is the largest Malaysian National Park and one of the oldest forests in the world. Spanning three states, the first National Park of Pahang, is over 130 million years and is home to a rich flora and fauna and amazing natural landscapes. In this dense rainforest with giant trees is Gunung Taha, the highest mountain of the peninsula dle and the longest bridge in the world (510 meters long) and suspended 30 meters above the ground in the canopy. The canopy is the upper floor of the forest directly influenced by solar radiation. It is sometimes regarded as a habitat or ecosystem as such, especially in tropical forests or she is particularly rich biodiversity and biological productivity.

Lata Berkoh

Spectacular waterfall that marks the limit of easy navigability on the river Tembling. Under the waterfall, there are deep pools with whirlpools. We also appreciate the sound of the natural habitat of the jungle and local wildlife kingfishers, fish eagles, head Bulbuls straw ...

Orang Asli Village

The Orang Asli are Shoes-gatherer nomads living mainly in forests of the mountainous interior of the peninsula. Most speak Mon-Khmer languages.